September 2, 2009

1 year anniversary!

Now that my blog ( and my techie site ( have been up for just over a year, unique visits have been slowly growing.

This is a good sign. It means that there are others out there who are potentially benefiting from my notes and posts.

Thankfully, I am fortunate enough to personally have met individuals who have relied on several of my posts to resolve many of their technical issues surrounding various Oracle product sets. I also continue to receive private emails and do my best to respond (don't hesitate to contact me!).

My site is in the top 10 Google search results 93% of the time when querying for specific Oracle, Fusion Middleware, and SOA errors. The reason behind this is quite simple:
  • If I troubleshoot an issue and no documentation or solution to my problem can be found... I post the solution once I figure it out.
  • If a problem takes me longer than a few hours to figure out... I post the solution.
If I suffered through it, why should anyone else? That's why many of what you find on are solutions to problems you won't find anywhere else.

Thanks to all those who visit, and no, I unfortunately don't make any money off this. :)

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