October 25, 2010

Creating an MDS connection through JDeveloper 11g

You can easily navigate objects in the MDS through JDeveloper.

This post describes how to create an Oracle SOA Suite 11g Metadata Store (MDS) connection through JDeveloper 11g in which you can navigate the objects stored within the MDS.

Artifacts such as schemas, WSDLs, fault policies, and configuration files in SOA Suite 11g are now stored in the MDS (i.e., e.g., database) instead of the file system only as was previously the case in SOA Suite 10g.

1. Open JDeveloper 11g

2.Click on File -> New -> Connections

3. Choose Database Connection:
 4. Enter your database information to your MDS as follows:
5. Go back and create a new connection, this time, choose SOA-MDS Connection:
 6. Choose "DB Based MDS", choose the connection created in the previous step, and select the "soa-infra" MDS partition:

Now, under the Resource Palette, you will notice the SOA-MDS connection under IDE Connections:
You can now reference artifacts in the MDS through your code.

Referencing DVMs (through attributes or XSL)

Fault bindings in composite.xml
<property name="oracle.composite.faultBindingFile">oramds:/apps/AIAMetaData/faultPolicies/fault-bindings.xml</property>

Schema or WSDL import
<xsd:import namespace="http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpel" schemaLocation="oramds:/apps/AIAMetaData/AIAComponents/hello.xsd"/>